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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yay for Successful Consulate Appointment!

Today was another eventful day....we had our consulate appointment at the American Embassy in order to be sure all the paperwork was in order and to obtain  Elijah's visa.  The visit was a success and we can  pick up his visa on Friday.   (our agency will actually pick it up for us)    We are thankful for this, because this is occasionally where families will run into trouble with their paperwork and have to stay longer in Ethiopia.   We have enjoyed our time here, but will be ready to get home and back to a routine and our 3 big kids!

Elijah continues to do well and be a good baby - we feel so blessed.   He has babbled even more today and luckily liked the sling I brought to carry him in.  He was a great sleeper last night - almost 8 hours!!   That was awesome.   The only trouble was that I didn't sleep as well because I laid there all night listening for him.  Now that I know his schedule better, hopefully I will sleep better tonight.
 Please pray for us and the other families we are traveling with as we bond with our kids and travel home with them.   There are many adjustments to be made.    Some kids will struggle more than others, but all of them have lost a great deal to come home with us.    Eli seems to have adjusted well so far, and we pray that that continues.

Sorry for the sideways picture yesterday.....I have to post through email and wasn't sure how to turn it.    Thanks for following along!

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