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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am attempting to add a picture to my blog (will someone please email me and tell me if you can see them??).    We can't see our own blog from can only email to it and I haven't tried pictures before!

We have Elijah in our room now....he is ours forever!!   People...this kid is seriously cute.    He's also such a good baby.   He's very content (so far!) and laughs and giggles a lot.   He also "talks".    It has been so much fun to have him with us!   I am hoping that his good disposition will continue and that the flight home will go as well as possible with a 7 month old!  (we'd love for you to pray specifically for that).

We feel fortunate that we have continued to feel good and haven't gotten sick.   We are enjoying our time here and soaking in all the culture we can.   Ethiopians are beautiful people are warm and friendly.  There is much poverty, but there is also much good in this rich culture.   I am thankful for our time here to learn more about where our son came from.

That's all for now.....more later if I can get an internet connection!


Julie said...

Kathy! We will be praying for you all to have a safe and uneventful flight home! God is good! Also, Yes, I can see the new pictures that you posted on your facebook and on your blog. I hope to meet Eli someday soon!

Julie Myers

mdemps said...

Hello from Champaign!

Serious cuteness does not even begin to describe Elijah! Those eyes are going to melt many hearts! Cherish this time
with him because I imagine your 3 BIG KIDS waiting at home will likely take turns holding him for the next three weeks!
We feel so blessed to have connected with you and that you are allowing us to witness your journey through the blog.
For us, it reminds us, too how blessed we are to have our children who were born so far away sleeping peacefully upstairs.
A former pastor once told me that when you hear a song at a certain time in church or even in the car and a tear comes
to your eye, God is with you and the one the song is reminding you of at that moment. Well, I am listening to a radio station
online as I catch up on your blog and as soon as Elijah's picture came up, When Love Takes You In by Stephen Curtis Chapman
came on...if I didn't have tears just reading I do now! God is present in this journey!!! Congratulations!!!

Melissa Dempsey