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Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Made It!

Well, we are here!   We made it to Ethiopia on what is for us, Saturday morning. (while you were sleeping Friday night)   Our flights were long, but uneventful, which is a good thing.  The guesthouse we are staying in is nice and the people that work here are very friendly and helpful. We are thankful to be here after such a long journey!

It is surreal to think we are in the very city where Elijah is.   It seems surreal that we will meet him in two short days and he will be ours.  I'm not sure it will seem real until we meet him and hold him for ourselves.

The city is full of people and the contrast between the poor conditions and the beautiful landscape is a hard one to digest.   We spent the afternoon looking around with another adoptive family, the Gillmans.   We went to the top of Entoto Mountain and to a couple of  museums and then walked to have dinner tonight.   Tomorrow we will go to a local church - I'm looking forward to that.  On Monday, we will meet Elijah!!

I will post as often as I can, but we only have power every other day.   As I write this, I am hurrying because we only have power because they turned the generator on at the guesthouse for a little while.   I don't want it to go off in the middle of my post!

Thanks for following along...more later!

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