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Saturday, March 16, 2013


We are home and doing well!  
We've actually been home for a month, but time has gone quickly as we try to keep up with everyone...especially this little guy:

We've learned so much about Samuel in this past month, and it's been fun to learn more about him and spend time with him.   A few things we know for sure...he's BUSY and on the go! 
Here he is all dressed up for Embassy in Ethiopia...He is such a cutie if I don't say so myself!

All three boys in their Ethiopian shirts!  We visited Grace and Aleigha's school for their International Day and the boys proudly wore their shirts.  
Solomon and Elijah have both done so well with Samuel.   We are impressed with how patient they've been with his antics, and his constant grabbing, hugging, squeezing and kissing.   They've gotten "accidentally" hurt many times and have yet to really retaliate.  Elijah has really taken to the role of big brother.  He matured seemingly overnight.  It's been amazing to watch. (He also turned 4, which I think is SO. MUCH. EASIER. than 3.  I've never thought 3 was better than 2!)   Solomon is our tender-hearted guy who takes to change a little more slowly, but is finding his place and loves his new brother.  We are proud of both boys!'s the hug!  This kid is crazy with the hugs and kisses.   I've parented eight children, and I've really never seen anything like the affection he lavishes on us.  He loves to hug, squeeze, grab, kiss...oh, and wrestle! You can see it coming as he bites his lower lip, comes running at you, grabs your face, wraps his arms around your neck, and goes in for the kill!  He will smother your face with kisses.  He may also squeeze your cheeks somewhat aggressively and growl, but the kisses are sweet. :)

All of my babies together!   How blessed am I??
Aleigha (7), Haley (16), Solomon (3), Hayden (15), Samuel , Emma (13), Elijah (4), and Grace (8)

I LOVE these kids.

We are doing well & continuing to adjust!  I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that some days it all feels like a lot, but we're making it, and so grateful for this brood that is ours!   We're thankful to have made it home after the delays, and to all be together!  
I can't promise lots of updates as most days are pretty full, but we'll see what I can do!