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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four down....

Our dossier has now been in Ethiopia for four months!! Four months down, maybe 5 or so to go until we see a picture of our little one! In some ways the time has gone quickly and in others it seems so long ago that we sent our dossier off. It is encouraging to know that we are almost half way there,though!
Please keep Ethiopian adoption in your prayers. Ethiopia is definitely experiencing some growing pains....their court system is struggling to keep up with all the requests for court dates for adoptions and it seems that more people are not passing court the first time they go through. (Reminder: our agency will go to court for us in Ethiopia after we receive our referral - we must pass court in order to travel) The laws and expectations of judges in Ethiopia are changing all the time as they figure out how best to serve the children of their country. It is a challenging and exciting time to be a part of Ethiopian adoption. It is wonderful that more families are adopting these precious children, and yet difficult to be in the middle of it and have the process slow down.