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Sunday, August 16, 2009


We've had a good day today.  We are both thankful that we are feeling well and getting adjusted to the time change....every now and then it will hit us, but we slept pretty well last night and had a little nap today  (well, I did!)

We started the day by going to a local church here.   It was not a traditional Ethiopian church as I had thought it might be, but an evangelical international church.   The service was done in English and it felt much like our church does at home....there was a band leading worship and the pastor is originally from South Carolina.   The neatest part about going,  though, was that you could look around the church and see people from all nationalities and colors all worshiping together.   There were a mix of Africans as well as Asians, Americans, Europeans, and so on.   It was like a look into heaven.

After lunch our driver, David, (who is awesome) took us to see the area in which our Elijah was found.    There are not words to describe this area of Addis Ababa.   The people are desperately poor and the conditions are beyond what I can explain.   I am sure, after seeing it, that Eli was abandoned due to desperation.   I mean it when I say that it appeared as if these people had NO resources....Children everywhere, wandering, and many just sleeping in the streets.  (Yes, some of them literally in the streets).   The kids were precious; running alongside our vehicle, not to beg, but for you to smile at them or take their picture.   Just hungry for attention and connection.    It was crowded and filthy and yet the people are so warm.....walking alongside one another holding hands or with their arms around each other.   I kept looking around at these people...these children....and thinking that this could have been Eli's future.  Easily.   We will never know his full story, but I can tell you that I have a new appreciation for what could have been for him had God not rescued him.   It is humbling to be a part of that plan.

Tomorrow morning we fill out more paperwork, go to lunch and then to go the Transition Home to meet Elijah!   We will spend the afternoon with him, but do not take him with us until Tuesday.   I honestly can't believe this day is here.

Please continue to pray for us - for our health and Eli's, for our paperwork and for our meeting of him tomorrow.   Tomorrow is a no power day, but if they turn the generator on in the evening again, I will try to post!


Beth said...

Glad you are there safe and sound. I can't stop thinking about you guys, and I'm praying for your meeting with Elijah. God is at work in each part of this journey!

Blessings to all of you,

David and Marianne said...

I'll be praying for you... I know that tomorrow holds emotions that no one can ever fathom or prepare for in adoption. The Lord will be with you!!! ENJOY!!! : )

In Christ,
Marianne Gross

Melissa said...

Loving the updates! Praying for you all!

mdemps said...

We are happy to hear that you all are doing well and getting to experience so much about Elijah's birthcountry. We are praying daily for your strength and health during this journey. Maddox keeps asking if Elijah has met his mommy and daddy yet, we can't wait until we can tell him YES! Take in each and every breath as you meet your son. Although it is tough to see the world from which he came, God will sustain you and help you to take it all in so one day you can share it with Elijah with love. We look forward to hearing all about him!

The Dempseys