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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy at Home

Elijah is adjusting well to being at home. He is a happy baby and we think he's darling. He even slept through the night last night (9-6) - we are pretty impressed with that! He smiles easily and is so is so fun to have him around. What a blessing!

I was prepared to come home and be exhausted and possibly overwhelmed, but none of that has happened. Eli fits perfectly into our family and while it does take a little longer to get things done now, it all seems very natural. We have yet to establish a real consistent napping routine, but it has only been 3 days since we got home!! We are happy with his night sleep and will develop a routine for napping soon enough. We have had a few visitors and are happy to see them and share our latest addition.

I am amazed at God's ability to take a child from another part of the world and mesh them into our family. We just feel like he is ours. Period. Only an incredible God like the one we serve could perform the miracle that is adoption. I will be forever grateful that He brought us on this journey and saw fit to bring Eli into our home.....the blessing is all ours.


missy said...

he IS darling! welcome home. isn't it amazing?? i think it's so cool to have the older kids as well b/c they are just as excited about the baby as we are. i love the picture of your kids with him. enjoy!

Leah Reeves said...

Welcome Home! He is one cute baby boy. What a blessing.
It looks like he has hair like Gabre, not that I have any advice to offer...... :)


sarah t said...

We are so glad that you guys are transitioning well. It looks like Eli is still the easy-going little bundle of love he was when I last saw him.

Mia is still a little fuss-butt and needs constant amusement, but we are settling into life nonetheless.