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Monday, January 10, 2011

No news is....well, not good news

We heard from our agency today regarding court. The only problem was...there was nothing to tell. They still have not been able to get in to see the judge and see if our MOWA letter has been written. I guess the only good thing about this news was it was better than being told our letter definitely wasn't there and we had to wait for another court date.

As I understand it, there are two things that can happen from here:
  • We could be called (hopefully later this week) and be told that our MOWA letter is in place and we have passed through court, or will very soon.
  • OR - If our letter is not there, we will most likely be assigned another court date, and will wait to see if MOWA has our letter in place by then for us to pass. (Surely....right?)
That's it. We are hoping to know more this week, but there's really no news as of now. Hoping, praying, and crossing our fingers and toes (I know this is getting serious, right?) that we'll have good news and can post pictures of our kids later this week.

Stay tuned!

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Karen & Brad Hernke said...

Praying for you, your family and your kids in ET. We also are waiting for a travel date to bring our kiddos home. We have been waiting a month now and it's driving me crazy. If you would like to see our blog please go to

Hang In There~