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Friday, February 11, 2011

Never The Same

It's's here!! The time has come for us to bring our children HOME. I can hardly believe it as I type these words! You know how sometimes you plan for something for so long that it doesn't feel real? At times, that's exactly how this felt. But, as I pack their little backpacks, and their clothes in the suitcase - it hits me. Things will never be the same.

We are no longer the Garrison 6. We are now the Garrison 9! Three children are no longer orphans, but that have a mommy, a daddy, and four new siblings waiting for them. They have a home. A family. Our at-home children are watching God redeem three precious lives before their,things will never be the same....and that is good.

Yes, we'll have more laundry, more mess, and more noise. But, we'll also have more hugs, more love, and more blessings. As I write this post and ponder that this day really is here, my heart fills with gratitude. Gratitude that God would see fit to use our family as a part of his redemptive act. I don't understand his grace, but it is good.

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."
John 1:16


Christi said...

congrats GArrison's... God is SO good!

Brad and Tara said...

What a wonderful reason to "never be the same"!!!!! We will be praying for safe travels and a wonderful reunion with your children!! Next week you will have all 9 Garrisons together!!
Thank you again for loving on our little guy and taking a care package to him too!!!

missy said...

so happy that things will never be the same for you!!! blessings!!!

Sweeney Family said...

SO excited for you! As one who has been where you are, I want to encourage you that the family time on the other end is so good!! We will pray for your first initial months at home and for your travels.!!!

Angela said...

I am sending your family many prayers on this journey.

Nate and Ashley said...

I've never heard of a mom being so happy for three more children's worth of laundry and mess. You reminded me of this quote I just read last night.

"God did not find us like an abandoned foundling bundled on the front step and irresistibly cute. He found us ugly and evil and rebellious. We were not attractive. We would not be easy children to deal with. [...]These are the ones God pursued in adoption." - John Piper, Reclaiming Adoption.

Congratulations, Garrisons!!