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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, since I've blogged, we've traveled approximately 16,000 miles half-way around the world to bring our kiddos home. As you can imagine, time has slipped away, and I haven't been the good blogger I intended to be! We are HOME now, which is a wonderful thing to say. We always love our time in Ethiopia, but nothing is sweeter than home.

The kids traveled like champs and are doing so well at home. Things are going much more smoothly than I had prepared myself for....we've truly been blessed by sweet kids. They are affectionate and loving, and try their best to go with the flow and do what is expected. We are loving getting to know them better. There are, of course, hard things, but all of it is to be expected. The language barrier is our biggest challenge, and it's just hard to parent children when they don't understand what you are explaining....or they can't tell you why they are upset. These are obviously things we knew going into this, and will get better with time. Sleep is another issue we know will resolve itself over time.

I will post more about our transition in time (I think - if I ever have any time!), but for now, enjoy the pics of our sweet kids!
Aleigha and all dressed up to go to Hayden's b-ball sweet!

Elijah cheesing it up with Solomon....if Solomon looks a little nervous, it's for good reason....

Hold still...this will only hurt for a minute!

Grace, enjoying a beautiful day at a park in Addis Ababa.

Sweet Solomon.

Aleigha...pretty girl.

We are so blessed to call these children our own.
To God be the glory!

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