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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Good News

We got an update on our kids this week! They are all doing well, and we are so fortunate that they've been healthy. They are reportedly looking forward to our arrival to bring them home! We, too, are looking forward to that day! Here are a few little tidbits about them from our updates:

Grace: Fast learner with a good attention span, caring, happy, and sometimes quiet.

Aleigha: Confident, happy, relaxed, and 'so loving in her personality'.

Solomon: Cheerful, big smiles, happy, imitates others, and good physical development.

In other good news, our paperwork was submitted to the US Embassy this week!!! This is huge, because it's the last hurdle before we can bring our kids home. We are waiting on their approval of the case, and we will travel right away! We hope to hear of our approval by next Friday! We'll keep you posted!!

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Jennifer said...

Can't wait until you have them HOME!