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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of our hands....

Well, our dossier is out of our hands!! I took it to Springfield today to get certification. Then I made copies and sent it off to our agency by Fed Ex! I double, triple and quadruple checked it and I'm still a little nervous that I forgot something. It's out of our control now, though. (not sure whether to make a happy or sad face here!)
So, Terra, our adoption coordinator should receive our dossier by the end of the week and will review it on Monday. Hopefully it will all look good and our agency will send it by courier to the Ethiopian Embassy and the US State Department for authentication. (it's all very official sounding, don't you think?!) After that, they will send it off to Africa! All of this means that we could possibly be DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) by next Friday, Oct. 3 and THEN we can OFFICIALLY start waiting. (approx. 7 months for referral - subject to change:)

Thank you for your prayers as we have completed this part of our we just wait. I'm sure that will seem easy at first as we are so relieved to be through the first part, but I know that becomes hard - especially in the end. We still covet your prayers!!

Thanks for following along!


Beth said...

Hopefully late next spring you'll think back to this time and be able to say, "Wow! That went so quickly!" :) Congrats - we are so happy for all SIX of you!

Travis and Lindsey's Ethiopia Adoption said...

Congratulations on sending your dossier to AWAA!!!! Hopefully you will be DTE next week!!! We are praying that all of you paperwork is perfect!!