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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Our family has been chosen to receive a $2500 MATCHING GRANT from Lifesong for Orphans!!

Can you help us meet our goal?   Your $10 becomes $20 or your $25 becomes $50!!

This gift of a grant came at just the right time as our family awaits hearing of our court date in Ethiopia and the date we will make our first trip!  (SOON!)  We need to raise the funds for our first trip, and possibly second.    We have many expenses left in this adoption - two trips to Ethiopia (about $11,000), a referral fee which is $8500 alone, $1200 more in agency fees, our post placement reports, etc.

It is humbling to put this out there, but we need your help.   When we started this adoption, I told Nathan that I would not fund raise...we had done it before, and I didn't want people to get sick of us.   However, after I saw sweet Samuel's face and we are faced with all of these expenses, I realize that it's not about us, but about bringing him HOME...and about giving you an opportunity to be a part.

Thank you for ANY part you can play!  We are so appreciative!!


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