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Monday, October 22, 2012

It's a BOY!!

For this child I have prayed,
And the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.
1 Samuel 1:27

We have a referral!!!   We are excited to announce our referral for a precious little boy!   We knew time was approaching for our referral, but the call came as such a surprise!    (We were actually watching the vice presidential was a welcome diversion!)   He just turned 2 years old, although we all agree that he looks younger and smaller, so we'll see how things unfold.  In any case, he is adorable!

We were stumped for a short time on a boy's name.   I had chosen a girl's name that I just love - Selah - not because I was wishing for a girl, but just because I love that name.   So, it took us a little time to figure out what to name the little guy.    One day I was praying specifically about his name, and the verse that popped into my head was the one above - 1 Samuel 1:27.   It seemed perfect - Samuel.   Such a sweet name, and such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness in blessing us with this son.

We are hoping to be submitted to court in the next couple of weeks and will wait for a court date to be given.    We can't wait to travel to Ethiopia and meet Samuel in person!  Unfortunately, he will not come home with us the first trip.  BOO.   If it weren't for little things like school, work, and airfare for 9 people, I'd just move us all to Ethiopia for the few months between our two trips, but unfortunately that's not a possibility.   Again I say, BOO.

The kids are excited, and the little boys talk often about being big brothers and all that they will teach Samuel (you can pray for me on that one...I'm a little afraid of what they might teach him!).    We are planning his room, taking out the little boys' outgrown clothes to pass down, and having fun preparing for his homecoming.

We would appreciate your prayers for him as we wait, for his little heart and all that he's endured in his young life.   Please pray for our family as we prepare and for the adjustment to come.  We would also love prayers for financial provision to complete this adoption...we have not fundraised (except for a Facebook blitz) this time, and are hoping not to as we don't want friends and family to tire of us.  However, there is a very real need.   We've applied for a few grants, and are hoping to hear from them before our first trip.

We're so glad to share our news with you!    We'll keep you posted!!

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