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Sunday, July 13, 2008


We do!! And we need you to drink it!
Ethiopia's major export is coffee. However, most coffee farmers in developing countries live in poverty because their coffee is not sold at a fair trade price. Here's the good news: You can help!
Our family is selling coffee from an organization called 963 missions. They only buy coffee at a fair trade price. There are five different kinds of coffee (one specifically from Eastern Africa, but some from other parts of the world as well) and a cocoa that is grown in Ghana. Here is the other good news: When you purchase their coffee from us or through our website (link to the right), you are also helping us with our adoption expenses ($22-25,000 - yikes!). We keep 40% of what we sell that will be donated directly into an account to help us bring our baby home. (BTW - The Sample pack is sold at their cost and does not benefit us when you order it.)
Now, I know lots of you drink LOTS of coffee.....please consider helping in this way. Our kids are taking ownership of this project and would love to talk to you about your order, or you can order online - either way, we are appreciative!
This will be an ongoing project for the next year or so, so if you like it, come back and order more. You can also sign up for their Monthly Obsession, where the coffee is automatically shipped to you every month.
Thanks for your support of us and the coffee farmer!

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