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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For THIS child I have prayed....

So, we've been home for 11 days, and I'm just NOW getting to updating this poor, neglected blog.   Mostly because by the time I put it all on FB and send pics to our families, I feel like I'm done, but I think there are 1 or 2 of you who still check this for it is!
Our time in Ethiopia meeting  Samuel was wonderful....we passed court which was the primary reason for the trip, and so we are thrilled to introduce our son to you!
Here is our first look at him...We had arrived in Ethiopia on Monday morning....we'd been up a long time, but this little guy was totally worth it!

 Getting my hands on him...he's so, so tiny!
(Check out his on-backwards pants...they are 3-6 month pants that fit like capris - ha!)
So happy to be together!
 He's going to fit right in around here...he's fun, energetic, and just a little bit ornery!

 I have no idea what this face is about, but hey - we're all together!
 He's B.U.S.Y.
 Playing hide and seek...he loves to engage in throwing balls (or anything else), or any kind of game.

 Samuel and  Daddy.

 Whatchoo talkin' bout?
 Gettin' some love from one of the nannies...
He LOVES ball.   Loves it.
We are missing our boy, but trying to keep busy while we wait for him to come home....that's not too hard with 7 other kids at home.    We are anticipating about a 3 month wait to bring him home.  It seems so long, but Nathan reminded me that in the big picture of his life, it's just a snippet of time.    

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Room4More said...

Praying for your heart as you wait.