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Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to school & a quick adoption update

Haley - The girl who made me a momma...16 and a junior in high school.   

Hayden - Freshman in high school!!  Love this sweet boy.

Emma - 13 years old, 8th grade.   Spunky and sweet - keeps life fun!

Grace - 2nd grade.   So proud of her progress & kind compassionate heart.
Aleigha is in 1st grade!   Smart and sweet - can't  believe how she's grown!

Solomon - Tender hearted and our most curious child - still home with mom!
Elijah - His way or the high way. :)  Leader through and through!  - 3 1/2

We've started the school year and are off to a good start!   We're enjoying the routine that the school year brings, although I'm always a little sad to see the kids go back to school.   Five of them are off to school every morning and the boys stay home with me.  We keep busy, go to Bible study on Tuesdays, and they go to Grandma and Grandpa Garrison's on Wednesdays (this is SUCH  blessing!). 

On the adoption front, we are waiting for a referral!  Our dossier is in Ethiopia, and we will be matched with one child, either gender, younger than the boys.  We are approved for ages 0-4, but have requested that the child be younger than our boys, who are currently 3 and 3 1/2.   So, who knows!  We get lots of questions from friends about how long we will wait, why wait times are different for different families, etc.  The answer is not has to do with what agency you are using, how many orphanages they receive referrals from, how many families are waiting with that agency, special needs you are open to, ages requested, etc.  Each adoption journey is so unique, you really can't compare. 

We've (well I've) filled out lots of adoption grant applications...we're hoping this will be the ticket to not have to do as much fund raising.  We anticipate having to do some, and are praying that the adoption tax credit is extended, but really crossing our fingers for some grant money.   Most of them have said they'll let us know by the end of November.  

Other than that, we are keeping busy with the kids, watching Hayden run cross country, church activities, and just every day life.   We are blessed for sure, and anxious to see who God will add to this brood below!  

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