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Sunday, August 5, 2012

$8 for our Eighth!

When we decided to go forward with our 3rd adoption process (8th child, 5th adopted child), we knew that the financial part of this would be tough.  We are trusting God to provide what we need to complete what He's called us to.   So, it is with humility  that we are asking you to partner with us to help bring our precious child home from Ethiopia.   

Fund raising might be my least favorite part of adoption.....However, because we are excited to bring our child home, and because we cannot cover the expenses alone, and because we have some bigger adoption fees due soon...we come to you with this:

Can you give $8 to help bring our eighth child home??

We are asking that you GIVE $8 towards the cost of bringing our child home.
(We do not yet know who they are.)
AND - THIS IS IMPORTANT - We are asking that you SHARE this blog post with friends, family, on Facebook, and ask others to give and share as well.  

We are so grateful to those of you who are willing to partner with us in this way - We really cannot do it without you!!  We need your help in both giving AND sharing!!


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joelsgirl said...

Hi! My name is Kellie, and my friend, Emmy, posted a link to your blog. I donated, and I hope that you get all the money you need soon so your child can come home to his/her family quickly!