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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart for Orphans
If you are like me, you have watched the news in horror over the last 8-9 days. The tragedy in Haiti is hard to look at and I think we all ache to make some kind of a difference. My inbox has been flooded with ways to help, ways to give, and with details of what certain organizations are trying to accomplish there. My heart breaks as I watch the images on the news...especially the crying children and pictures of those left behind who lost their parents or maybe didn't have a family before. I want to swoop in and rescue them all and help place them in loving families.

It is interesting to me.....since the earthquake I have seen countless emails, facebook posts, and blog entries speaking about how important it is for us to go and adopt these children from Haiti. (which by the way, is all but impossible right now unless you were already in the process) I agree...orphans are important. They are important to the heart of God and should, therefore, be important to us. The one good thing that is happening as a result of this tragedy is the attention and thought the orphan crisis is receiving. (No, God did not cause it for that purpose, but he can make good out of any situation).

The orphan crisis was with us long before the earthquakes in Haiti last is a growing problem that affects an estimated 147 million children. Millions.....hard numbers to grasp. It's true, you may not be able to adopt from Haiti right now, but there are children all over the world and even kids in the US that need our help. They need a home....someone to love them....somewhere to belong. Things most of us have had and probably take for granted for all of our lives. I think (and hope) that the US and Haiti will work together to make a way for these children to find forever homes. Pray with me that that happens....and that God will use this situation to draw attention to orphans and adoption in general and a difference will be made for many children who need a home!


Barbra said...

Excellent point, Kathy! I have been thinking of and praying for the same thing!

Tracey said...

Well said Kathy and thank you for such a wonderful post. I was having lunch this week and Haiti was heavy on my heart as it has been on all of our hearts. I myself was awakened again to the reality of the real crisis with orphans when my friend told me of a 3-yr old right here in CU. This child also has many siblings. There are orphan children everywhere that can be helped right now. As you said, Haiti adoptions are nearly impossible. I appreciate you and your post and for helping to keep our visions clear. :)