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Monday, September 2, 2013


My 14 year old daughter Emma would like to share a story with you about how God touched her heart for children in Africa, and how she wants YOU to be a part of helping these kids so close to her heart!

From Emma:
When I was in 4th grade, I read a book about Kenya and saw the living environments they were put under. Poverty was obviously something they faced on a daily basis. So, ever since I read that book and learned more about their lives, I've had a heart for African people. At one point I told my mom I wanted to work in an orphanage in Africa when I was older.

My family went on to adopt five of my siblings from Ethiopia.  I was lucky enough come along on one of the trips to Ethiopia during our second adoption.  God opened my eyes to a world of difficult conditions and poverty that some live with every day. I noticed how naive I was before, and now I wanted to help even more after seeing it with my own eyes.

This year, I attended a CIY (Christ in Youth) conference with my church.  At the end of the week, we were each given challenge cards.  I chose to accept my challenge, and my card challenged me to raise $3000 for a missions organization.  I wasn't sure at that point what organization to work with, or how to raise the funds.

Weeks later, our church held an event packing food with Feed My Starving Children.  They send food to 70 countries around the world to help feed the poor.  It was awesome to know I was helping the less fortunate, much like the people I had seen in Africa just two years before.  During the training for this event, a video was shown about an orphanage in Kenya called City of Dreams that receives food from Feed My Starving Children.  The kids had been hungry, but just someone providing food for them was enough to change their lives. Now they wouldn't have to worry about their everyday needs being provided for; they could be regular kids and just focus on following their dreams.

After seeing the video, it seemed that all of the pieces were falling into place - My heart for Kenya, my challenge card to fund raise for missions, and this video that just happened to play at an event at my church and touched my heart.  My mom helped me get in contact with the lady who runs the City of Dreams orphanage, and she was so excited that I was willing to help them.  She also shared with me that they are really needing money for a container of food soon.  These huge containers are very expensive to ship, which brings the cost of purchasing and shipping a container to over $10,000.

   Sooo....I am raising funds through t-shirt sales to ALL be given directly to Feed My Starving Children towards purchasing a container of food for them.

I hope you will choose to partner with me and help to bring food, and more importantly HOPE to these Kenyan orphans!!  Every dollar of profit from my t-shirt and sweatshirt sales will go towards this goal!  

Please help if you can, and SHARE this link with your family, friends, Twitter or Facebook.  Let's do something GREAT together!


Here are the various design available - One ladies 3/4 sleeve shirt (this is t-shirt weight), and a unisex fit t-shirt!  The 3/4 sleeve shirts are $30, and the t-shirts are $20.  

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