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Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Glad They Are Mine

It sounds so cliche' to say over and over again how blessed I am, but I am at a loss for any other way to say it. This Mother's Day, much is on my mind. We spent a great day today at church, and then driving to Indianapolis to eat Ethiopian food and go to the zoo. It was a great day, and I truly enjoyed being with my family. More than once I looked at my children and was in awe of the way God has blessed my life. Is there any life greater than this? I'd argue there is not. Once again...I'm so, so glad I didn't miss it...

Haley, 15
My sweet, reserved girl. Haley is responsible and mature beyond her years, and a natural caregiver. She's my right hand and the gift who first made me a mother.

Hayden, 14
My tender-hearted boy....loves Jesus and cares about others. As a young boy he would invite his neighbor friends into our home to hear the 'Jesus story'. Can't wait to see what God does in his life.

Emma, almost 12
So proud of the young lady she is becoming. She adds life to our family and joy to our home...navigating middle school with integrity and becoming more and more comfortable in her skin. Her heart for those suffering is unmatched.

Grace, 6
I am humbled when I think of the loss and change this sweet girl has endured...and done so with such grace (no pun intended:). My outgoing, fun-loving girl. We are beyond blessed to have her in our lives.

Aleigha, 5
Beautiful smile, precious heart...this one will steal your heart. Her laugh is contagious....she is more shy than her sister, but beautiful through and through.

Light of my world, spunk of my day...he keeps things interesting for sure. He is a natural encourager and cheers us on in whatever we are doing (He stood at the door cheering Hayden while he mowed the lawn yesterday!). Watch out world, he's gonna be in charge of something!

Solomon, almost 2
This darling boy captures my heart a little more every day. He loves to smile and laugh and cuddle and sing. He (and his brother) insist on me singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to them at every nap/bed time and he does his best to sing along. I heart him.

Do you see it..? Do you see how blessed I am? Honestly, I can hardly get over it myself. God is good and his plan is always better. I could have missed it all so easily...I get teary at the thought. By birth or by adoption; it doesn't matter how they came...they are among my greatest blessings.

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Julie said...

Love your joy over your kiddos. I've recommended your blog to my friend. They are waiting on siblings. It is just fun to watch your family! :)