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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane.......twice!

Ethiopian adoption is definitely experiencing some changes....we were informed of the biggest one so far today by our agency. Now, when you adopt from ET, you must make TWO trips to Ethiopia in order to do so. I am unsure of the reason for the change, but we have a conference call with our agency tomorrow and I'm sure we'll learn more. Some have wondered if it is an effort to combat any suspicion of corruption in Ethiopian adoption, and others say it is because some families have passed court and then never traveled to bring their children home. (HUH??? People DO that??) In any case, it doesn't matter is what it is.

Honestly, if we didn't have 4 other kids (one of them being a very young child who was adopted himself), and money were no object, I wouldn't really mind going twice. I enjoyed the travel and the time in Ethiopia. However, life has obligations and we (unfortunately) have financial limitations, so the two trip rule is a bit of a bummer. We are very fortunate, though, to have very helpful grandparents nearby (did you hear that, Mom??:) who I am sure will step into help us with the kids when it's time, and we know that God will somehow provide what we need.
It's funny, I had really fought against the idea of sending a letter to family and friends letting them know about financial need this time......well, guess what? I am going to have to take a very big gulp of my own pride and probably do it anyway! (gulp)

My biggest fear with the two trip deal is that it will sway people from adopting from Ethiopia.....and that is the real tragedy. After seeing the country and it's kids, I am sad to think of the families who will choose to go another route because it's easier. It's certainly not right or wrong to adopt from any certain country (they all need homes!), but I am heartbroken to think of children who will stay in orphanages in Ethiopia because the process just got a little harder.

I am SO thankful that I have the benefit of knowing how worth it it all is! I was talking with another adoptive friend this afternoon and we both agreed - we would go to Ethiopia five, or even ten times, if it meant bringing our children home! They are worth it!


Gretchen Magruder said...

I just learned of the rule change earlier today...I had the same response - sad, because I think it will be a hardship for some, or at least, a perceived hardship. But, like you, now that I've seen ET and the beauty there, I wouldn't blink twice at getting to make a 2nd trip! Hey, if you're paying $20,000 for an adoption, what's another grand?! :)

Hollands said...

This was really disappointing when I heard this. However, one family said this means the family would get to see their child(ren) sooner than otherwise. Is that true?
Whatever the case, these precious kiddos are worth any cost or inconvenience!

the Garrisons said...

Gina....the email said that you could plan to travel 4-8 weeks after your referral (therefore MEETING them sooner than otherwise), and then go home and return 10-12 weeks after that to bring your children home.
So, you would meet them sooner....bring them home later.

Marci said...

I am both glad and bothered by it. 1. I think any act on Ethiopia's part to ensure their children well being is nobel and good, 2. It does make it harder on families and potentially less appealing. We are thinking of adopting from Ethiopia, I am not sure how or if it would change our plans at this point.

Tiffygator said...

We literally put in our application to adopt from Ethiopia on Monday so this news was a bit of a shock. In the first hour it seemed insurmountable, but I guess we'll do whatever we've gotta do! It will be so exciting see our child earlier, but how will my heart handle leaving them behind!

Melissa said...

Trying to wrap my brain around it too...feel like we barely have the money to make one trip, let alone two! But I'm excited to see how God works it all out. He cares more about these kids than we do!