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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes, I am Still Adopting.....

I haven't posted much lately.....I guess, because I don't have much news to report. Ethiopian adoption is experiencing some delays and I guess what you would call growing pains lately. A fellow blogger explained it so well, and if you'd like to read more about it click here. Many families are also not passing court right now as the Ethiopian judges have become much more strict and the referrals have slowed down. I do not know what all this means or how it will affect us.....clearly it could make our wait time longer than we anticipated. I am about to invest in a T-shirt that looks like this:
In case the writing is too small, it says: "Yes, I am still adopting. No, I haven't heard anything yet. But each day brings me closer to my child."

That is pretty much the way I feel. I have resigned my position teaching second grade to stay home with my kids next year. We will homeschooling our oldest three and hopefully getting to know our new addition together. The barrage of questions about our adoption during this time has been exhausting. I know people mean well and I am so grateful that they care enough to ask, so please don't misunderstand. It's just hard because I don't have any answers. Yes, we still hope that our referral will come by the end of the summer and that we will pass court in time to travel before the holidays. But here's the deal with international adoption: there is nothing predictable and the only thing to expect is the unexpected. So, we keep watching and waiting for good news to come and praying for the children and the other anxious adoptive families. We know that our day will come when God plans it and it won't be a day too late!

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