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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ways to Pray

Lately, several people have asked me about where we are in our adoption and how they can pray for us (I LOVE that question!). So, being ever so grateful that people want to pray for us, I have compiled a list of things that we would appreciate prayer for:
  • For our baby's health (probably in utero....?) and for proper nutrition and provision for all it needs for healthy development
  • For our baby's birth parents. I cannot imagine being in their shoes and wonder often what it is they are going they know they will have to give their baby up, are they living in extreme poverty, are they sick, will the mother die in childbirth? Adoption is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately it always begins with a loss.
  • For peace and patience as we wait and anticipate the many changes that will be yet to come for our family.
  • Financial provision for this adoption. God is so good, and so far we have always had the money we needed when the next payment came due. We are fully expecting that He will continue to take care of us in this way!
  • That we will enjoy these last months as a family of five and not wish our time away!
  • Lastly, pray for the orphans of this world and how God might use all of us to care for them.

As for the other question of where we are, the answer is: WAITING
We will not hear anything else or really have any new news until next spring - probably May at the earliest.
Thanks for your prayers - Have a great week!

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